The Sachhi Saheli 5-P Pouch is a unique formula /technique that was conceptualized by Team Sachhi Saheli. This pouch contains all the essentials that facilitate preparedness for period (menstruation) while also ensuring personal and environmental hygiene. This formula was devised when it was realized that periods (Menstruation) occur as accidents for many young girls as they are not taught how to be prepared for them and also how to maintain hygiene during periods.

The 5-P Pouch contains the following 5 things:

  • 1. Pad (Sanitary Pads): The pads can be used by a menstruator in case of emergency if they get their period unexpectedly or if there is a need to change the pad where a period cup cannot be used.
  • 2. Panty: While menstruating, the panties get stained with menstrual blood which may cause infections. To prevent these infections, the panty in the kit can be used by the menstruators.
  • 3. Paper: The paper is can be used by the menstruator to wrap the sanitary pad in order to dispose it. This will ensure cleaner toilets and environment.
  • 4. Paper Bag: The paper bag can be used by the menstruator to store the soiled/stained panty.

5. Paper Soap: The paper soap can be used by the menstruator to wash their hands before and after they have changed their pad/panty to ensure proper hygiene.

The Sachhi Saheli Team teaches the use of this pouch and also distributes the same to students, parents and teachers , womxn, girls so as to foster proper period hygiene management.