Sachhi Saheli is an NGO with a mission to enable all the levels of our society to act collectively to ‘let’ every woman lead a life on her terms.

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Sachhi Saheli envisions a world that is free of taboos and stigmas so as to make it a safe place for all women and girls to achieve their fullest potential.


In order to achieve our vision of a stigma-free world, we aim at destabilizing prevailing taboos and secrecy that surrounds the natural process of menstruation, and one’s sexual & reproductive health through the power of appropriate and accurate knowledge.

Fighting Taboos Breaking Stigma

What We Do


Menstrual Health & Hygiene Management

Due to the common view that Menstruation is dirty or impure...

Sexual and Reproductive Health

Sexual and Reproductive health rights is a concept...

Comprehensive Sexuality Education

Despite several efforts from Educationists, Government Bodies...

Big Journey Begin With Small Steps

Our Story

It was a seedling before it hatched into this beautiful blossoming tree. The seedling had its foundation when Dr. Surbhi Singh, Gyneacologist by profession became sceptical, if she was adding appropriate value to the society by her deeds. Day in day out she treated patients with issues/diseases caused due to naïve actions of women & young girls based on the superstitions and myths of the society.....


Hum Bolenge Muh Kholenge Tabhi Jamana Badlega

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From Anxiety to Confidence

Created For You

(Sachhi Saheli MHM Innovations)

  • 5P Pouch
  • Sachhi Saheli Book


The Sachhi Saheli 5-P Pouch is a unique formula/technique that was conceptualized by Team Sachhi Saheli. This pouch contains all the essentials that facilitate preparedness for period (menstruation) while also ensuring personal and environmental hygiene.

  • Pad (Sanitary Pads)
  • Panty
  • Paper
  • Paper Bag
  • Paper Soap

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Fighting Taboos Breaking Stigma

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