Having a clear understanding of regular and irregular period cycles is crucial for all menstruators. Regular tracking of menstrual cycles serves as a fundamental aspect of one's health and well-being. It enables individuals to recognize their own unique patterns, making it easier to identify any deviations that might signal underlying health concerns. Irregular periods can be indicative of various issues, from hormonal imbalances to reproductive health problems. Regularly tracking periods empowers individuals to take charge of their health by providing early warning signs that warrant medical attention if necessary.

This is precisely why Sachhi Saheli has developed a specialized tool known as the "Period Calendar," designed to equip both new and experienced menstruators with precise knowledge about their menstrual cycles and the skill of effective "Period Tracking."

A tool like the Period Calendar is of immeasurable value in this context. This professionally designed calendar allows users to meticulously record the commencement and conclusion dates of their menstrual cycles, document any accompanying symptoms or variations in flow, and maintain a comprehensive history of their menstrual health over time. Continuously monitoring these crucial details over several months empowers women and girls to gain valuable insights into their menstrual health patterns, enabling them to pinpoint irregularities or potential concerns that may require medical attention. Moreover, a well-crafted Period Calendar facilitates individuals in planning for significant events or travel by forecasting the anticipated start date of their forthcoming period.