Sachhi Saheli is a grassroots Indian Non-Profit(registered) organization started by a group of self-motivated doctors and teachers with the intention to understand the struggles of the girl child in India. Sachhi Saheli initially did not begin as an organization. It was an effort by a few friends to step out of their comfort zones and do something to bring about positive change in the lives of girls in our society.

Sachhi Saheli is proceeding with a mission to enable all the levels of our society to act collectively to ‘let’ every woman lead a life on her terms. We conduct workshops, training programs & modules to ensure that women & children from all backgrounds are able to unbolt the shackles of societal taboos and myths around menstruation, reproductive health, and sexual abuse, by spreading awareness about the same.


Beginning of a Revolution


It was a seedling before it hatched into this beautiful blossoming tree. The seedling had its foundation when Dr. Surbhi Singh, Gyneacologist by profession became sceptical, if she was adding appropriate value to the society by her deeds. Day in day out she treated patients with issues/diseases caused due to naïve actions of women & young girls based on the superstitions and myths of the society. Fear of social stigma & parents / society’s wrath makes the young adults/ teenagers take steps that damage them physically and psychologically both.

Just medically curing them, did never make her feel wholesome, it’s then that she stepped out in open, with help of a few friends & professionals, started with small ‘self-hygiene’ sessions in schools. A harsh reality that she soon faced was that the problem was deep rooted and was prevalent at every stage in our society. Thus she looked and found her bloom to blossom, with foundation/ inception of “Sachhi Saheli”.

Sachhi Saheli aims to stop the evil right where it is conceived in the society. We started with workshops/sessions in schools & colleges to help emphasise and remove the ambiguity of the ethics and values that our education system provides in relation to health and sanitization for women and girls. Our other expansion projects aimed at gaining reach to the parents, through trainings and sessions for mothers to educate and sensitise their off-springs regarding health & hygiene.

Our journey showed us that the problems we were trying to address were arguable more complex & challenging than perceived. The myth regarding personal & menstrual hygiene had not only hindered the growth of girl-child but was also a effecting the boys mentally & physically. This lack of knowledge and grape-wine knowledge was the biggest boondoggle of this age. In societies such as ours, ‘gendering’ sows the weeds of inequality between girls and boys, we have specific programmes and training to de-weed the gendering thought process, which includes sensitization of boys and girls both.

Our efforts have been continually appreciated & partnered by governmental organisations like NDMC, WDC, DLSA, DCPCR etc. & reputed corporates & amalgamations in various sectors. After having created impact in the field of menstrual health and hygiene awareness, Sachhi Saheli has set forth an objective to further fill gaps by educating especially youth and educators on comprehensive sex and sexuality education. With this we aim to eradicate the embarrassment, discomfort associated with talks on the topic of sexuality education or lack of knowledge about sexuality. To that effect, our latest initiative is to contrive a planned approach towards creating a culture where addressing of sexuality education is not just teaching the ‘classroom subjects’ but providing age-appropriate sexuality information.

Since inception our volunteers have made us re-visit spring with their support and efforts at every event, let it be “Period fest” or first ever “Pad-yatra”. We have had over-whelming response and participation by our enthusiast.