Menstrual Health and Awareness Day (India) : 5th February
Despite the growing dialogue on the topic, in India, talking about periods still makes people uncomfortable. There exists an overpowering silence around this natural female process, cloaked in shame and a lack of awareness. Superstitions and cultural taboos associated with periods persist at the cost of women’s and girls’ health and safety.

As menstruation is a scarcely talked about topic, it is often not considered as a health concern and due to lack of conversation, essential information about the process fails to reach women and girls.

Menstrual Health and Awareness Day is celebrated every year on 5th February. This same is aimed at facilitating a wholesome effort that addresses three crucial aspects related to Menstruation: Menstrual Health, Mindsets/Attitudes related Menstruation and exposure to a basket of Menstrual Hygiene Management products.

Why 5TH February?

Symbolizing the average period cycle of 28 days and 5 days of average bleeding during menstruation, 5th February makes for a perfect date for the celebrating National Menstrual Health & Hygiene Day. Additionally, February also provides a favorable weather in our country for outdoor celebrations and campaigns such as a rally.

It is essential that the students and youth be a part of this movement and the absence of examinations in most schools and colleges across India will be a likely positive factor in facilitating their participation in campaigns and events etc.

Significance of Celebrating Menstrual Health and Awareness Day

India is a country of diversity and often menstrual myths are grounded in religious be­liefs. These beliefs are hence held closely by people and followed as well. However, these myths prohibit girls and women from managing their period in a healthy manner. Therefore, it is important to break this cycle of myths and taboos. Celebrating such a day will help normalize the conversations around Menstruation and will consequently help eradicate these stigmas from the society:

Menstrual Health and Awareness Day will help centralize the efforts of various organi­zations to:

  • Reduce silence and stigma around menstrual health and hygiene.
  • Create sensitization and knowledge on the process of menstruation.
  • Create awareness about the normal, abnormal and alarming aspects of menstrual health.
  • Facilitate access to safe and hygienic menstrual management products.