On 23rd October, 2019, Dr. Surbhi Singh (Gynecologist, founder & President of Sachhi Saheli) was called by Faculty of Law, University of Delhi to share her thoughts and spread awareness on “Aligning Gender, Rights and Health”. She shared the panel with some eminent personalities like, Ms Maya Vishwakarma (Founder & President, Sukarma Foundation, Pad Woman of India), Mr Deepak Kumar ( Clinic Manager, Samarth Project ) and a few professors from Faculty of Law, University of Delhi.

Dr Surbhi Singh spoke on gender equality, gender equality "does not mean that women and men will become the same, but that women’s and men’s rights, responsibilities and opportunities will not depend on whether they are born male or female.

She discussed how there is a need for gender equity in all public and private spaces, made people more aware about gender rights.