On the 13th of February, a session on “Menstrual Health and Hygiene” was organized by National Service Scheme, (IIT Delhi), Kaizen 2020 and the Leo Club of IIT Delhi. Education is the most potent weapon to wipe out misinformation and promote hygienic MHM. Innovative, interesting, easy to understand, age appropriate information, education and communication material should reach every house. Education is a tool which can empower women and girls to embrace their bodies without being hesitant to talk about menstruation.

Mothers and teachers are unable to discuss about periods due to their reluctance and lack of vocabulary. Even, teachers are not comfortable to talk about menstrual health and hygiene due to the constraints which they have faced in society.

Dr. Surbhi Singh discussed about menstruation process and shared her experiences while she was practicing as a gynecologist and also tried to break several stereotypes and myths centered around periods. There were around 100 students who attended the session. Everyone was quite encouraged to openly discuss about periods. They were also enthusiastic to learn new things about their own bodies and shed off the bloody taboo which had hindered their social mobility. While taking the session, Dr. Surbhi asked if they have ever heard about periods on stage? And then she shared that menstruation is natural and there is no need of hiding it. She also tried to address various questions raised by women.